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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

Our excellence in commercial locksmith enables us to provide outstanding services! Let us reinforce office security

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Residential Locksmith

Residential Locksmith

Need assistance from an experienced residential locksmith? We have the most skilled team

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Auto Locksmith

Auto Locksmith

Car lockouts and car key emergencies are no fun, so call our services anytime for urgent and immediate assistance.

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Locksmith Bothell

Call Us Now  425-201-2248

Welcome to our company Locksmith Bothell

We are known throughout Washington for our fast, reliable and professional locksmith services. Our services include fast lockout services, lock repair, rekey and replacement as well as upgrade and installation, offered for homes, offices and vehicles.

Address: 118th Court Northeast
Bothell, Washington
Zip code: 98011
Phone: +1-425-201-2248

Hours of Operation:

We accept Cash, credit card, etc.
Our company deals offers professional locksmith services 24-7. Whether you are locked out of your home or car, or you need to have a lock installed, upgraded, replaced or repaired, our highly skilled technicians have all the expertise and equipment needed to get the job done.


Locksmith Bothell - A Company You Can Trust

The contractors that we recommend can help you in an emergency when you either lose your keys or have rendered the door locked because of a jammed key. At other times we send someone out if you have faulty locks or want to upgrade to a much better brand. Why should you entrust us with a contract?

Locksmith Services in Washington

No Extra Charges

There are no call-out charges: Many of our competitors will insist that you pay a premium on all the emergency call-out services. They reason that the demand for locksmiths and the inconvenience of attending you justifies the price. Our team is different in as much as we try to minimize the costs to you. The work that we do involves visiting clients in different situations of stress. That means that we are used to this kind of emergency situation. Therefore there are no extra charges for you when you require our services. Moreover we can also give you a quotation price on a proposed project without obligation. You are not forced to buy products which you do not need just because we are attempting to meet our sales targets. We are too professional for that sort of thing.

Keeping Intruders at Bay

We supply and fit locks: If you are looking for new spare locks then we can link you to the people that supply them. The fact that we only work with reputable companies means that the products that we use for this job will be of the highest quality. Therefore you are virtually guaranteed a well fitted lock that can keep the intruders at bay when you need it to do so. If your current lock is broken then Locksmith Bothell will try to find you another one or a contractor who can fulfill these requirements. Both the base products that are used and the workmanship are of the highest order.

Correctly Aligned UPVC Doors

Our team realigns UPVC doors: A lock is a good addition to the structure but it does not have the same effect if the UPVC doors are not well aligned. Our team always takes a holistic approach to these things and will first test the structure before recommending changes. In that way you will not have to call in locksmiths on a regular basis because the original contract will be completed. Poor quality work by a locksmith on the other hand might mean that you get expanding bills without any noticeable benefit accruing from your efforts.

No More Searching for a Suitable Contractor

Odd jobs are done by our contractors: There are very many things that could possibly go wrong with your lock and the professionals are supposed to deal with them instead of charging you for every little thing. We fit cylinders and upgrade locks as part of our ongoing contract. If you have a standing arrangement with one of our recommended contractors then it will reduce the amount of money you have to spend on paying for all those little odd jobs that arise at the most inconvenient times. Apart from helping you gain entry during an emergency, our team will help you service the locks on your property. Try Locksmith Bothell for size. The services that we offer are available on a full time basis so you do not really have to worry about searching for a suitable contractor in an emergency situation. Many home and car owners appreciate this service because it prevents them into panicking. Panic is one of the reasons that some customers make mistakes by inviting unsuitable people into their home to do some work.

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Committed and Thorough

Our professionals are committed and thorough and such qualities make their work even better. We provide locksmith services with attention and cover auto, home and office lock and key needs. We are the best in Washington for lock repair and deadbolt installation.

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